Amazing God of War Ragnarok fan theory suggests the release date itself is tied to Norse mythology

God of War Ragnarok
(Image credit: Sony)

A God of War Ragnarok fan theory has suggested that the sequel's release date was influenced by the moon, and developer Santa Monica hasn't ruled it out. 

As this (opens in new tab) has theorized, it's possible that God of War Ragnarok's release date was decided by the total lunar eclipse happening this month. If you weren't aware, a total lunar eclipse (also known as a 'Blood Moon') is the celestial event that sees the sun, the earth, and the moon align perfectly with each other. Due to this, the moon appears red in the sky, hence 'Blood Moon.'

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It looks like we'll have to figure this one out for ourselves for now as Sony thanks the universe for potentially the best marketing strategy it's ever accidentally had. Meanwhile, while we all anxiously wait just two more days for the God of War sequel to release, find out what the first hour plays like with our God of War Ragnarok gameplay preview

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