Pokemon co-developer has devs working on "next-generation hardware"

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet preview screenshots
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon developer Creatures is hiring for work on "next-generation hardware."

As first spotted by (opens in new tab) users, the co-developer of the Pokemon franchise (opens in new tab) for a "3DCG Modeller." In the "Product/Service" overview part of the job listing, it's revealed the candidate will also have to do research and development work for "next-generation hardware."

Specifically, this research and development would be modeled around both Unity and the Unreal Engine. Considering Pokemon games are typically coded in The Pokemon Company's own internal game engine, this would mark a significant break in tradition for the ongoing franchise.

The mention of "next-generation hardware" likely has readers thinking of a successor to the Nintendo Switch, and it's not hard to see why. Nintendo has continually shot down rumors of an upgraded Nintendo Switch Pro console over the last few years, but has also stated the console is currently at the "mid-point of its lifecycle."

Considering that, it's hard to say when Nintendo could realistically launch a successor to the Nintendo Switch. Then again, console manufacturers like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft design consoles years in advance of when they eventually launch; prototyping, and iterating on ideas for years until they eventually settle upon a finished product.

Even if a new Nintendo console is at a minimum of four years away from launching, as Nintendo has previously hinted, it's not unreasonable to believe the manufacturer has already begun designing what the new console could end up like. Creatures could already be planning for the eventual next generation of Nintendo hardware.

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