Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks as fan gets copy early

The leader of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Team Star laughs menacingly
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Unseen Pokemon Scarlet and Violet creatures are beginning to leak online, reportedly due to a broken street date for the new RPG.

Yesterday, on November 6, several posts on the (opens in new tab), all from the same user, appeared to depict new creatures for the two games. The user's posts leak two brand new Pokemon for the Paldean region and evolutions for starter Pokemon Fuecoco and newcomer Smoliv.

(opens in new tab), whose new account seems to have been made purely for spreading screenshots from the two new games. Since yesterday, they have been leaking multiple screenshots and creatures from Scarlet and Violet.

While we won't reveal any actual details or evolutions provided by the leaker here, it's worth noting that other early copies of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could have made their way into the wild. We might just be seeing one user here leaking information, but there could well be other players with early copies of the new Pokemon games.

As for the final launch, that's coming next week on November 18. In fact, The Pokemon Company just revealed a brand new creature over the past weekend - called Gimmighoul, an adorable creature that hides in treasure chests and surprises adventures, which will probably give Dark Souls veterans a horrible start. 

Check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet PokeDex guide for a full list of all the other 'mons unveiled for the new adventure so far. 

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