Yoko Taro is "hugely disappointed" that 2B from Nier: Automata couldn't make it into Super Smash Bros

Nier Automata
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The director of Nier: Automata, Yoko Taro, has said that he is "hugely disappointed" that the game's lead character 2B couldn't make it into Super Smash Bros. 

In an interview with (opens in new tab), Yoko Taro discussed bringing the action RPG to Nintendo Switch and explained that he is "hugely disappointed that we did not make it in time to get into Smash Bros," since the final DLC pack for the game was released back in 2021. 

In case you didn't know, it's been a tradition in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for third-party developers to introduce their IPs into the Nintendo fighting game. By the end of the second fighter's pass, the roster was filled with characters such as Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Joker from Persona 5, Steve from Minecraft, Kazuya from Tekken, plus many more. 

Unfortunately for Yoko Taro, the final Fighters Pass DLC (which introduces new fighters to the game) for Super Smash Bros Ultimate finished with Sora back in October 2021. The Nintendo Switch port for Nier: Automata wouldn't make its way onto the console for another year in October 2022, much to Yoko Taro's disappointment. Speaking of Sora, Kingdom Hearts fans also weren't happy with Nier's Nintendo Switch port, but for a completely different reason. 

This is clearly still a sore subject for Yoko Taro as shortly after the interview with Nintendo Life went live, the developer took to (opens in new tab) to share the article but not before adding the caption: "Smash Bros(◎血◎)" Don't worry Yoko Taro, there's bound to be a new Smash Bros game for you to try and get 2B into one day. That being said though, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate director doesn't count on there being another game.

Looking for a new game to play? This game looks so much like Nier that even Yoko Taro is a fan.

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